Living in Serbia


  • Law on Foreigners

    Law regulating criteria for entry, movement, stay of foreigners and return in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

  • Rulebook on Residence Approval in the Territory of the Republic of Serbia

    Rulebook on more detailed requirements for approval of temporary residence, layout of request for approval of temporary residence, layout and the manner of entering temporary residence sticker into a foreign travel document

  • Rulebook on Temporary Residence Registration

    Rulebook on layout of the form for registering temporary residence and the manner of registering temporary residence of a foreigner, residential address, change of residential address, registering and deregistering permanent residence of a foreigner.

  • Contact details of police administrations

  • Registration of foreigners’ residence change

  • Registration of residential address change

  • Registration of the foreigners’ residence

  • Instruction for account registration

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